Zhang, Jitao
Post Doctor
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Jitao's CV


Room1112 , Dept. of Precision Instruments and Mechanology,

Tsinghua University , Beijing 100084 , CHINA


Tel: +86 10 62795614


2006~ 2010 Ph.D. Tsinghua University, Beijing

Doctoral degree in Optical Engineering. Doctoral thesis titled as measurement system for determining the thickness of oxide layer on silicon sphere by spectroscopic ellipsometry . Interested fields: optical instrumentation, spectroscopic ellipsometry and optical interferometry.

2002~ 2006 B.E. Wuhan University, Wuhan

Major: Optical Science and Technology. GPA 86/100, Rank: 2/60. Designed a telescope by ZEMAX as coursework in Optical Design course. Recommended to Tsinghua University as a Ph.D. candidate without examination.


2010~ 2012 Postdoctoral fellow Tsinghua University, Beijing

Research fields: optical instrumentation, optical heterodyne interferometry, measurement of refractive index of air and nitrogen gas, imaging ellipsometry.


• Constructed a measurement system for oxide layer determination on a silicon sphere. The technique of spectroscopic ellipsometry and an automatic rotating mechanism are used in this system for mapping the whole surface of a sphere, and mean thickness of the oxide layer can be evaluated. Two silicon spheres (one from China, the other from Australia) are measured by this system successfully.

• Constructed a measurement system for determining the refractive index of natural gases with uncertainty of better than 1E-7. The heterodyne interferometry and the synthetic wavelength theory are employed to measure refractive index of air and nitrogen gas. The system can be applied to other interested gases probably.

• Assisting Prof.Yan Li to develop a new phase-shifting interferometer to measure the diameter of a silicon sphere. A wide-range tunable diode laser, which is locked to an optical frequency comb, is used as a light source with high stability in this system. The wavelength of the laser can be measured accurately and metrological traced to time and frequency standard owing to the frequency comb.


• Zhang Jitao , Li Yan, Wu Xuejian, Luo Zhiyong, Wei Haoyun, Determining mean thickness of the oxide layer by mapping the surface of a silicon sphere. Optics Express, 2010, 18(7), 7331-7339

• Zhang Ji-Tao , Wu Xue-Jian, Li Yan, Uncertainty reevaluation in determining the volume of a silicon sphere by spherical harmonics in an Avogadro project. Chinese Physics B , 2011, 20(9), 090601

• Zhang Ji-Tao , Wu Xue-Jian, Li Yan, Mixed polarization in determining the film thickness of a silicon sphere by spectroscopic ellipsometry. Chinese Physics B , 2012, 21(1), 010701

• Zhang Ji-Tao , Li Yan, Luo Zhi-Yong, Wu Xue-Jian, Determination of mean thickness of an oxide layer on a silicon sphere by spectroscopic ellipsometry. Chin. Phys. Lett. , 2010, 27(5), 050601

• Zhang Ji-Tao , Li Yan, Luo Zhi-Yong, A traceable calibration method for spectroscopic ellipsometry. Acta Physica Sinica , 2010, 59(1), 186-191 (in Chinese)

• Li Yan, Zhang Ji-Tao , Luo Zhi-Yong, Determination of the Avogadro constant and the redefinition of the kilogram. Chinese. Sci. Bull. , 2011, 56, 717-724 ( Review Paper, in Chinese)

• Zhang Ji-Tao , Wu Xue-Jian, Li Yan, Wei Hao-Yun, Method for improving the accuracy of step height measurement based on optical frequency comb, Acta Physica Sinica , 2012, 61(10), 100601 (in Chinese)

• Zhang Ji-Tao , Huang Pei, Li Yan, Wei Hao-Yun, Dispersion of nitrogen gas at wavelengths from 0.145µm to 2.058µm in standard condition, Acta Optica Sinica , 2012, 8 (accepted, in Chinese)

• Wu Xue-Jian, Li Yan, Wei Hao-Yun, Zhang Ji-Tao , Femtosecond optical frequency combs for precision measurement application, Laser & Optoelectronics Progress , 2012, 49, 030001 (Review Paper, in Chinese)

• Luo Zhi-Yong, Zhao Ke-Gong, Zhang Ji-Tao , Chen Chi, Absolute density determination for a single crystal silicon sphere. Chinese. Sci. Bull. , 2012, 57, 1281-1289 (Review Paper, in Chinese)

• Wu Xue-Jian, Wei Hao-Yun, Zhu Min-Hao, Zhang Ji-Tao , Li Yan, Frequency measurement of dual frequency He-Ne laser based on a femtosecond optical frequency comb, Acta Physica Sinica , 2012 (accepted, in Chinese)


2011 National Award for Science and Technology Progress of China (Second Prize), 7 th of ten recipients

2010 Jin Guofan Prize for Excellent Youth of China Instrument Society Scholarships, 9 winners nationwide every year

2010 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Tsinghua University (Second Prize), top 4% awarded

2008 Excellent Report of 184 th Doctoral Forum of Tsinghua University

2007 Second Prize scholarship in Tsinghua University

2006 First Prize of Excellent Undergraduate Dissertations, HUBEI Province, China, top 1% awarded

2005 First Prize of China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, HUBEI Division

2003 First Prize scholarship in Wuhan University, top 10% awarded

2002 First Prize scholarship for freshman in Wuhan University, top 3% awarded


Member of the Optical Society of America (OSA)

Member of the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)


Male, born in HENAN Province of China in 1985.

Commutation in oral and written English freely. TOEFL 87.

Skilled in software of MATLAB and ZEMAX . Familiar with VC++, AutoCAD, and Protel.

Enjoying table tennis, bowling, and climbing.

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